When you purchase fuel you will need to select what 'grade' you would like.  This differs from Europe but don't be alarmed - pick up the gasoline (usually a black handle) and press the lower number (87ron).  It won't matter if you press the higher numbers - it will just cost a little more per gallon and the car might feel a little more responsive.  you can't hurt it...unless you put diesel in a petrol car...let's not do that.

One of the best contributions to motoring that the USA has come up with!  Unless there is a sign specifically denying your right to turn on a red light (or there is a crossing with pedestrians on it or a school bus parked blocking the turn) you are free to signal and creep round the corner once you have come to a complete stop.

Ethanol free fuel is generally used in equipment that may be stood for a while with gas left in the tank - boats, lawncare equipment etc.  Regular fuel can be blended with ethanol by up to 10% and whilst it may improve gas milage it does have water absorbing properties.  As you can imaging, if you left regular gas in a tank for any length of time and water accumulates it isn't good news for your engine!  You won't damage your car by mistakingly putting ethanol free gas in it but oyu will pay a premium for it.

Most vehicles come equipped with navigation systems these days so we don't offer aftermarket alternatives.  We also don't think you should be upsold for something you can get for free anyway!  While you might not plan on using your mobile/cell data whilst on vacation you can actually use offline mapping features for free.  There are many apps available that will let you download a map of Florida prior to traveling and when you arrive you can access that map and use the built in phones gps to plan your routes - no data charges!  For Apple devices something like MAPS:ME.

Best tip to beat the Florida heat - always carry a small towel / flannel.  these can easily fit in a pocket or loop through a belt so are easily carried.  They are great for mopping your brow (and elsewhere) and if tucked up the back of a cap they shade your neck.  It's Florida and it's humid - we get it - everyone sweats.  Having a personal towel is a great idea - you can rinse it in cold water and make a soothing compress, wrap ice in it for an emergency heat stroke remedy or just use it to wipe down restaurant cutlery!

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