Making Payment

Usually, when you have confirmed you want to use our service, we will have reserved a slot on our drivers schedule and already booked the vehicle for you. We may ask for a small deposit to secure your booking at this time.

Final payment is due for your vehicle upon your arrival at your destination. This will take place once you are safely at your accommodation. Please ensure you have called your Credit / Debit card company (before you leave home) to inform them that your card will be charged a substantial amount from a company in Florida USA. You will usually find the customer service number on the back of your card.

This will alleviate some issues that have occurred in the past when the card company refuses payment, being cautious that your card may have been compromised. 

Under no circumstances will we be able to hand over the vehicle without full payment being completed. There may be additional charges if we have to re-deliver a vehicle on a subsequent date (this will be at our discretion as we will have to re-arrange drivers schedules).

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