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Ok so you’ve flown all this way and have safely landed – now what? Well rest assured we have been tracking your flight and if there have been any delays we have accounted for them and will still be waiting for you. Make sure you have your phone turned on (if you have one) as soon as you can – just in case you want to text us for any reason.

Here are instructions on where to meet at Orlando International. You should also have this information on your pre-arrival documentation but it’s handy to know it’s on-line as well just in case.

Orlando (MCO) Arriving Terminals A & B

Familiarise yourself with the Orlando International terminal map. It may look confusing but just follow our guidelines and you’ll be on your way in no time!

Situated over three floors the terminal building is at the centre of the airport. Whilst your flight may be designated to land at either terminal A or terminal B – either way both sides / terminals merge into the same central hub on level 3. These instructions apply no matter which stand or side you have landed at – you will at some point have to exit into the main hall on level 3.

Let’s go back a step. Once you have landed and exited the aircraft you will be directed towards immigration and then to a carousel to collect your bags in the normal way. The gates are some way from the terminal building though so you will now have to board the monorail system to take you to the main building. You have the option to drop your bags off again, before you ride the monorail, and have them delivered to the terminal (where you will have to collect them off a second carousel). Unless you are really struggling to carry your luggage we would suggest just taking it onto the monorail. The ride is only a few minutes long and it will save you a lot of time waiting at the other end for your bags again.

Once you disembark the monorail (from A or B side) you will exit into the main hall of the terminal building – you are on level 3. You should see a fountain in the center of the terminal (unless late November/December where it will be a Christmas tree).

If you arrived at Terminal B AND used the bag transfer service (rather than carry them on the monorail) then you will need to collect your bags from level 1 B side then make your way all the way back to level 3 again – hence we do not recommend using the bag transfer service.

You now need to make your way to the 1st floor of TERMINAL A (the orange side in the above map).

There are two sets of elevators and escalators (on side A) that will take you down to level 1 and it should be sign posted ‘Ground Transportation’. Use either set – both will get you to level 1.

Once you exit the escalator you will see a baggage carousel for side A (8A) – if you loaded your bags up prior to riding the monorail this is where you will collect them. If you arrived on side B though your bags will have been taken to carousel 28B though – at the other side of the terminal!

Again – for ease and speed we do not recommend using the baggage transfer service.

Once on level 1 look for the Alamo rental desk and directly opposite you will find a public use phone on the wall in the centre of the concourse. This phone is free to use, no charges are incurred.

Depending how busy the terminal is your driver may have already parked and be waiting by the phone for you but if they have had to park further away they will be waiting for your call. Use the phone to call 407 864 2290 to let them know you have arrived.  They will then tell you which pickup bay they will be pulling into outside. 

    If the first number is engaged please give it a minute and try again. Alternatively here are some additional numbers to reach us on: 407 455 4202 and 407-504 1243.

    Please remember, payment is due for your vehicle upon your arrival at your destination. This will take place once you are safely at your accommodation. Please ensure you have called your Credit / Debit card company (before you leave home) to inform them that your card will be charged a substantial amount from a company in Florida USA. You will usually find the customer service number on the back of your card.

    This will alleviate some issues that have occurred in the past when the card company refuses payment, being cautious that your card may have been compromised. 

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