Group 1 Compact Saloon

Compact saloon suitable for young families with up to two small children such as a Nissan Versa.

This group of cars are compact and ideal for traveling due to the excellent gas mileage. In addition, they can seat four passengers – a perfect option for a small family.

Group 1 cars are usually focused on economy and usually are all equipped with a four-cylinder engine maximum – usually this means a minimum of 30mpg.

Compact cars are often considered medium-sized cars. They can often be hatchbacks (not always) and are suitable for four persons for shorter trips. For longer trips, compact cars are ideal for two or three persons.

Compact cars are always fuel-efficient. They provide good luggage space for three or fewer passengers. They are better for driving on highways than the classes below (economy and mini). They will also have a more powerful engine than smaller car classes.


Examples are for general size reference only.  Specific makes and models will differ in size and Car On the Drive can not guarantee reservation of a particular vehicle model.



Price From





2/4 Doors




2 Adults 2 Children

Age Restrictions


Large Bags / Suitcases


Small Bags


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