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    Please make sure you complete the form thoroughly so we can secure your booking

    You may have supplied some of this information on your initial quote request. We kindly ask you complete the information again to a) confirm things have not changed since your quote and b) this information will be used to complete your contract with us.

    You will be emailed a copy of this information, once submitted, to the email address provided on this form.

    It should take no longer than ten minutes to complete the form if you have the required information to hand. You will need...

    • Your inbound and outbound flight details (numbers / airports / dates / times / connecting flight info
    • Your accommodation details (address / gate codes / any key pickup location?)
    • Details of your original quote with us (booking ID / vehicle group required / number of car seats)
    • Driver information for ALL drivers (D.O.B / license number / issue date / expiry date / passport number / passport issue date / passport expiry date)

    Traveler Details

       You should have been provided with a booking number when agreeing your quote

    Please provide a contact number that will accept SMS and/or calls during your stay. This is required for emergency contact

    We ask this to safeguard against any confusion since quoting and to ensure you still want the same vehicle

    Ages Of All Guests Under 16 In Your Party

    Confirm any additional child seating (2$ p/night)
    (approx 3-6 months)
    (approx 1-3 years)
    (approx 2-3 years)
    (approx 5 years+)

    Child seats and GPS units must be paid for in cash on your arrival

    Address Details

    Arrival / Inbound Details

    If not a direct flight what is the final leg departing airport (I.e Gatwick -> Miami -> Orlando, then enter Miami-MIA).
    We only collect outside of MCO under special circumstances. Unless we have communicated to you we will collect elsewhere this should be left as MCO.

    Are you traveling First or Upper Class, have priority disembarkation or hold a US passport? Such travelers usually exit immigration and customs first so we would like to ensure we are there extra early to meet you! Applies to whole group - do not select if you have to wait for other party members to clear immigration in a 'normal' manner.

    Departing / Outbound Details

    Let us know if you think there is any other information that is pertinent to returning you to the airport in good time for your flight.
    We only return outside of MCO under special circumstances. Unless we have communicated to you we will return you elsewhere this should be left as MCO.

    Driver Details

    Please complete all information regarding drivers. There is an additional charge for 3 drivers and all drivers listed will be insured for the duration of the rental (no part hires). Please note that all vehicles can only be driven by over 21s and some vehicles can only be driven by over 25s

    Driver 1 (main)

    Driver 2

    Driver 3 - Additional charges may apply

    Special Instructions


    By clicking submit you certify that you have read and agree to our Terms & Conditions (link opens in new page) and that you have provided complete and accurate information on this form.

    An email copy of this information will be sent to the address provided in step 1. If you have any questions please email us at and quote your name and booking reference.

    If you feel you need to double check any information you can use the next and previous buttons to scroll through the form prior to submitting - you shouldn't lose any data already entered whilst the session is active.

    We, here at Car On the Drive, wish you safe travels and look forward to seeing you soon!

    Team COTD

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