Enterprise Car Rental

Had the need to rent a large SUV over the Christmas period and we chose to use Enterprise Car Rental. They are hand in glove with Alamo so the two are nearly interchangeable. Our pick up location was on Care Car Dr on the outskirts of Disney. Firstly be warned that some GPS routes will try to take you through the main Magic Kingdom entrance – don’t panic and cause a crash trying to reverse or dive off at the last minute – just explain to the gate attendant and they will let you through without paying the astronomical Disney parking fee!

The desk is a little small in the office and so can only be manned by three people at the most so at busy times you may have a wait on your hands. However our pick up was easy but we had little choice of vehicle (probably because we were renting something so large they don’t carry stock of lots of choice). So we ended up with a Chevrolet Tahoe.

The Tahoe is an eight seater with a 5l+ engine in it. The LT model we had included a Bose sound system and some heads up display safety features and leather seats. Let me say this is the worst vehicle I have ever driven…..

The Tahoe has ten gears – non of which it can decide upon for more than two seconds before it changes its mind and goes wandering off looking for another one. The premium Bose sound system sounded great for five minutes until it decided it didn’t want to play nice with Apple CarPlay and would only send sound to the front two tiny tweeters in the dash. This meant all our music sounded like you were sat next to someone on the tube wearing a set of 80s Sony foam headphones and you could hear bits of the song playing. Then there was the transmission. It was woeful and made a tremendous noise. It whined in EVERY gear like we had left a puppy tied to the back of the car. We even googled it and found out this was an issue on Tahoes caused by a leaking transmission something or other. The massive 5.3l V8 you would think would propel us along with refinement and pace but no. It felt like it could barely muster 1 of its many horsepower to wake up and move. 0-60 was measured in eons and we had to watch as the cyclists overtook us. Finally we had the heads up safety feature. This was nothing more than a red light and an alarm that screeched at you whenever you approached another vehicle. It was so distracting I felt like driving it into a ditch and besides it served no purpose as I had my wife with me and she offers the same level of protection.

So in summary Enterprise Car Rental was actually great. Friendly staff and an OK location. the car however – we were unlucky with!