• Welcome

    Hello and welcome to Mockingjay Services As a property owner and property manager for many years, here in Florida I realized that there were many people who owned vacation homes that weren’t intended for rental. Owners who have their own retreat or only let family use the property don’t often require the full services that […] read more

  • Enterprise Car Rental

    Had the need to rent a large SUV over the Christmas period and we chose to use Enterprise Car Rental. They are hand in glove with Alamo so the two are nearly interchangeable. Our pick up location was on Care Car Dr on the outskirts of Disney. Firstly be warned that some GPS routes will […] read more

  • Hurricane Nicole

    Whilst the brunt of this storm was always predicted to hither East coast here, in Central Florida, we were still on stand-by for some ugly weather. We were out in the days running up to the storm doing some hurricane preparations for clients. Simply bringing in furniture, checking windows and doors are locked down, sand-bagging […] read more

  • Portillo’s

    Hot Dogs – Beef Burgers – Salads Portillo’s has been a firm family favorite since we re-located here many years back. It is set up to be the quintessential Chicago diner. Until recently we had to travel to Brandon to sample the menu which made it a once in a blue moon kinda place and […] read more