Mockingjay Services Vs Traditional Management

How do we stack up against a traditional management company? Well take a look…

Traditional Management Company

Usually when you approach a Management Company they are focused on maximizing their profit AND control of your property. Whilst this is maybe expected (after all they have to make money) it can be frustrating for you, and them!

Most management companies make money from add on services and from booking fees. If you are not particularly interested in booking your property out back to back then they will quickly want to upsell you on other services so they can generate an income.

Besides a monthly retainer fee (from $150pm+) they will usually require money to be placed in escrow so that those maintenance ‘issues’ can be dealt with quickly. This means your money is unnecessarily tied up.

Their monthly fee usually covers minor ‘services’ such as taking trash cans in and a quick, pre-guest arrival, inspection… which if you are not renting you won’t need!

They will push for you to use their vendors for services such as pool care, lawn care and cleaning. Traditionally such vendors will have an agreement with a management company to charge a low rate so that the management company can hike the price to the owner. How do we know this? We own such service companies and have faced such strong-armed tactics!

Mockingjay Services

So traditional management companies are in it for the money eh?… so what about us! The key difference is that we own other businesses and management isn’t our only revenue stream so we can choose what we offer and how its offered.

This means we don’t need a fixed monthly retainer to guarantee an income, we don’t need to drive sales (bookings) and we don’t need to tie your funds up for a rainy day issue.

We can offer some in-house vendor services at very competitive rates… because we already operate those companies so no middle man! Other services we have a list of preferred / respected vendors we will put you in direct touch with – again we will not operate as a middle man and jack up the price!

You need us to visit the property to inspect it, fit locks, prep for a hurricane, check up on some renovation work, do a live video walk-through…. what ever you can think of – all we charge is a competitive hourly rate for our time (and any materials if needed).

Think of us as a friendly neighbor!

Now doesn’t that sound more appealing than paying upfront for services you don’t need or aren’t interested in? Better than constantly fending off sales people trying to maximize a profit? Being in control of what you want and when you want it?

Thought so!

It costs nothing to get that conversation going so contact us now!