Hurricane Ian

We are pleased to say that Hurricane Ian did little to no damage to any of our homeowners properties. Whilst others in Florida were definitely not so lucky we managed to escape the worst of the flooding and wind damage.

We did get call outs to hurricane prep some properties and this helped those owners immensely. What can you do to limit damage you’re wondering? Well here is a small list of basic precautions you can take…

If the property is empty…

  • Bring in pool chairs or throw the plastic ones in the pool!
  • Drain a foot of water from the pool and turn the system off
  • If the pool doesn’t have chairs in it – add a gallon of bleach (rains can wash a lot of pollen etc into a pool so give it a kick start on recovery)
  • Lock irrigation / meter boxes
  • Use sandbags at the base of doors and garages – not just for flood but also to stop the wind getting under them
  • Shut blinds and curtains if you have them to prevent glass blowing in should the windows break
  • In flood risk areas unplug any electrical items and secure them higher up
  • Unplug any sensitive electronics (chances are power will go out)
  • Park vehicles in the garage

If someone is in the property…

  • Make sure any generators are working and gas is available
  • Pre-lay extension cords from the generator to any fridges / freezers and lights. If the power goes out in the night you don’t want to be fumbling with wires in the dark
  • Check your torches & batteries are good
  • Charge your phones and tablets

Of course there is a lot more you can do to safe guard yourself but most things are common sense. If you are a remote owner then our services are obviously invaluable at this time. Please remember though we operate on a first come first served basis!