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Hello and welcome to Mockingjay Services

As a property owner and property manager for many years, here in Florida I realized that there were many people who owned vacation homes that weren’t intended for rental. Owners who have their own retreat or only let family use the property don’t often require the full services that a traditional management company would offer. Such companies charge inflated monthly fees and add on fees for the simplest requests. What I needed was someone who I could rely on to do things as and when needed – so this service was born! You choose how often you use our services. Pricing is basic – you cover our milage and time and any associated material costs (fair enough). There is no monthly commitment. We don’t offer booking services so we are not interested in earning commissions. So if you need a caretaker / friend / boots on the ground – get in touch and let us take care of you and your home.

Lisa W – CEO

Trip Planning

We are adding to our services the offer to help out planning trips. During the years we have lived and worked in America we have vacationed in pretty much EVERY state! We have done 13000 mile road trips and seen most of the sights. Some cities we have visited many times and we have a unique insight into where to go and what to do (and what’s realistic to do within a timeframe).

So if you fancy doing something a little different on your next visit and you need some guidance on where to start, what tools are available or want general advice. Just ask!